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wow, this is hilarious and incredible. seems kinda sloppy at first, but the more rounds played, the more i can see how refined it is. brilliant.

I'm glad to hear someone feels the same way about the game that I do! Most people just find it sloppy (which it kind of is, haha). My development strategy was to tune it so that it was always fun for me to play, which leads to the learning curve being pretty steep. I still have fun with it whenever I play it, so I think it's got merit! Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it :~)

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I want this so bad!!! I already watched Mystery Lime’s video and he didn’t get up to the boss. It looks really hard!

(Mystery Lime is a she) - I hope, one day, you will be able to get up to the boss...

This was a really neat little shooter!  I wasn't able to get very far on my first try, but my skills are weak and this was before the latest update.  Next time the snakes won't stand a chance!   Recorded a video of my playthrough, if you were curious.  Hugh is best gun <3

Now that I have seen it properly, I know that Hissy Fight totally owns. Do yourself a favor - and snake an anti-favor - and get this videogame.


Yeah I'm so excited for this!!!!